Friday, February 15, 2013

Type some shite

          Sometimes when I sit down to write..... nothing happens. To get through this I just type a bunch of nonsense until actual real story related sentences pop into my head. And I do mean nonsense ( I absolutely do not worry about punctuation, spelling or even using real words or sentences for that matter when I do this) ..... Usually I'm just trying to make myself laugh and it helps loosen me up so I can get down to business. I was going to type something out but then I realized I already had a great example of what I'm talking about saved on my computer.

Here is an example written by my husband.  I found this on my WIP when I came back from going to eat with my mother.  Always the funny guy that one.

                       “Hot Slits” by My Husband

Dirk Gibblets looked at the hot lady in the red dress at pizza hut.

“God damn look at those hot slits.” He moaned forcefully, his engorged phallus shining like a purple headed candle in his shorts. “I'm so erect.” “I'm going to spurt soon.”

The lady was all “no pepperoni on that” and Gibblets couldn't handle it anymore and he tore off the cloth covering her snatch and went to town on it with his earlobe, all the while whacking his organ into a breadbox that was on the counter. The pizza hut employee was embarrassed and went on his lunch break at this point.

“Let me see this hot sliTs” he bellowed and he reared back and took a peek. “Oh yeah this is what I want to see at a pizza restaurant” and his glans was all covered in spew. “Unhhhh”

The lady was still waiting for her pizza and was looking in her purse for a tic tac.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Here we go

I got the cover today for the first installment of a short story serial that I am working on. I think it turned out pretty awesome. Now, to finish the darn thing.

I hope to have this ready to go in two weeks. EEK!

Cover by Humblenations